About Warm-Link

Swarm-link is a distributer and Chemical Supplier based in the center of HCMC.
Produced from the cellulose in trees, CNC is abundant, renewable and biodegradable.

The core properties of CNC

The core properties of CNC improve performance in materials such as:

How We Do It

Support the development of applications

Formulate new and existing products

Develop specialised cellulosic products that can be used jointly with NCC or by themselves


Innovation and creativity are the backbone of Swarmlink. In addition to our core team of highly experienced scientists and engineers, our widespread collaborative efforts result in a capable, expert network that includes:

  • Leading global companies
  • Suppliers
  • Universities
  • Research organizations

Every day, our team helps small, medium, and large companies develop new and innovative solutions for product performance.
Combining our expertise in CNC properties and behaviours with the application knowledge of our customers, we facilitate a fast product development process.
This efficient development process results in CNC which can be used as is or functionalized for additional properties and benefits in industrial applications.