AEROS™ Aerogel

THILIUM's Patented Technology

AEROS™ is currently the best and cost-effective Aerogel on the market.  Adding AEROS™ to you coating or insulation will elevate your core product to higher specs (better value, visibility, and variety).


We apply this integration as we apply any engineering project that needs to be managed. We abide to the cost constrain the allocated personal and most importantly your production line
Oil Absorbance
Oil Absorbance and water filtration media
Interior and exterior insulating plasters for breathable building envelopes and facades
Aerogel insulating plasters perfectly combine the advantages of insulation boards with those of plaster. Beyond insulating exceptionally well, as a plaster they are very adaptable and malleable. Aerogel insulating plasters are suitable for exterior and also for interior insulation projects.
Fire Redundancy Coating
Aerogel coatings can help to protect against fire damage by providing a layer of insulation between the flames and the underlying material.
In addition to its insulating properties, aerogel is also highly resistant to high temperatures and can withstand exposure to flames for extended periods of time without degrading or catching fire itself.
We use an engineered Aerogel that is Superhydrophobicity that repel water so effectively that droplets will simply roll off the surface without wetting it.
These can be used in applications such as protective plaster coating or clothing or in air and water filtration systems.
Thermal Insulator
coatings for safe-to-touch surfaces, energy efficiency, prevention of corrosion under insulation (CUI)


Particle Size Range

Pore Diameter

Bulk Density

Surface Chemistry

Thermal Conductivity

Surface Area


~ 100 ㎛

20 ㎚ (mean)


~  0.10 g/㎤

~ 0.02 W/m∙K

~ 800 ㎡/g

> 90%