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Dive deeper into Aerogel’s fire-resistant capabilities. Understand how modern insulation not only conserves energy but also prioritizes safety.

Aerogel: Standing Resilient Against Flames

With a staggering melting point of around 1200°C, Aerogel’s fire-resistant attribute ensures that it doesn’t just insulate but also protects.

Incorporating Aerogel in Safety-first Building Designs

By integrating Aerogel panels or blankets within interior walls, buildings not only achieve energy efficiency but also significantly bolster their fire safety measures.

Beyond Fire Resistance: Aerogel’s Multifaceted Nature

While its fire resistance is commendable, Aerogel’s insulation efficiency, eco-friendliness, and moisture-repelling properties further cement its position as a premier insulation choice.

Choosing Aerogel insulation isn’t just about energy efficiency. It’s about prioritizing safety, ensuring homes remain insulated, and protected from potential fire hazards.