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Discover how aerogel’s hydrophobic properties make it the ideal insulation solution for regions battling humidity and moisture.

Aerogel and Water: A Barrier Like No Other

With its inherent hydrophobic nature, Aerogel resists water, presenting a groundbreaking solution for insulating moist-prone zones like bathrooms or basements.

The Multipurpose Nature of Aerogel in Wet Areas

From Aerogel coated walls ensuring that no water reaches the indoors to Aerogel panels that fend off hail , Aerogel’s applications are manifold in battling humidity.

Beyond Water Damage: Aerogel’s Additional Perks

Even in dry climate, Aerogel doesn’t compromise on its other attributes. Its superior thermal insulation properties and fire resistance, ensuring homes remain safe and energy-efficient.

Aerogel breaks barriers. Want to learn more how to integrate it with your life style, contact us and we will arrange a free consultation.