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H2O stat

The smallest cost effective potentiostat on the market. Designed for large “organic” networking.


H2O stat has 2 wifi modes which switches automaticly
1. Hotspot that for field testing.
2. Wifi Access point to work on your internal network


H2O stat run off its our wifi hotspot network, without any 3rd party app installation just from your browser this is just some of the security concerns that went into it.


H2O stat comes with temperature humidity and electrochemical sensors.


H2O stat span the size of a usb wifi dungle form 100X30X3mm with a weight of 25 grams.


H2O stat is the most cost effictive potentiostat on the market with a wide range of functionality to boot


H2O stat runs of any 5V external battery, with low power consumption and proven reliability


Our electrude are made from recycled material.

Real-Time Data

When we say real-time monitoring, we mean it our latency period is in seconds.

OS support

H2O stat support the greatest OS, from Mac os to Windows and android we support them all


Answers to some questions you might have.

H2O stat runs a Square-Wave Voltammetry (SWV) Scans where a large-amplitude differential technique in which a wave form composed of a symmetrical square wave, superimposed on a base staircase potential, is applied to the working electrode.

H2O stat can run as a Wi-Fi Hotspot or as an access point on an internal Wi-Fi network. 

When working as a hotspot the H2O stat is reachable by selecting the SSID with the name H2Ostat and entering the password 12345678 opening a browser to the following URL

When working as a access point the H2O stat is reachable be the following URL https://H2Ostat.local.  

After running a scan on the H2Ostat you can export the data by clicking the export button on the bottom of the scan and save it to your device.
Additionally, you can load old data to H2O stat for comparison with other scans.

On the Side Navigation bar select the Configuration tab.
After that you will have to enter your SSID and password for your internal network.
Note that by changing those parameters the H2O stat will reboot and will register on your internal network.